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Handmade Belgian chocolates in luxurious packages.-Ma Praline offers multiple assortments from different chocolatiers. This way we can offer very different but delicious chocolates. -Our boxes can be personalized. On the picture below you can see how we can personalise the lid of the box. When adding a product to your gift basket in the online shop there is the possibility to upload a picture or text. This will be attached to your box, all free of charge. -Ship directly to your loved ones. Save yourself the trouble of first having to ship to yourself and then having to spend extra time and money to send it to another address. -Our boxes are stylish and sturdy. They are designed with all the dangers of shipping in mind. The contends also are well protected and will survive long journeys. -All chocolates are made by professional chocolatiers who perfected the craft over many years.

About Ma PralineMa Praline sells Belgian chocolates, but we're about much more than that.We at Ma Praline put as much attention in the chocolates as we do on packaging and service. As a result of this we can offer great chocolates in attractive boxes to happy customers What's so special about our boxes? We've spend a great deal of time on designing and developing our boxes. Besides the attractive looks and a sturdy design, the boxes also have strategically placed cuts in them. These cuts allow for cards with personal messages, photos, wishes, or even business cards to be attached to the boxes in an orderly fashion.* We at Ma Praline also realize that there are many different preferences around the world. Therefore we have different chocolate assortments, each made by a different chocolatier, and each within their own taste spectrum and price range. Take a look at our products in the tab above and discover all we have to offer. You don't have to take our word for it, here is a list of organisations have already been convinced by the quality of our chocolates and innovative packaging (link).  *The cuts are placed so that they can ideally hold standard European sized business cards (± 8,5 x 5,5cm).